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Eric 7 – MOSOUND Records – London www.mosound.co.uk

I have a long history in music from being signed in the 1970’s to Motown Records in Detroit, writing and recording Hits during the 1980’s for Sylvester amongst others to success during the 1990’s with S–Express and beyond as a writer/singer/producer.... all listed on the website of my new record label called MOSOUND

Jules personally explained the core values of research and all amenities offered to music industry persons through government funding & industry organisations, and the importance of having a business plan & strategy for the making and marketing of product and related merchandise.

From the beginning of our business relationship Jules helped me co–ordinate a team of business personnel i.e. an accountant, a solicitor and himself as my management consultant that set a proper plan and chart for my investors. All done with ease.

At all times Jules was the essential link in relating my plans to the investors and vice versa, he’s friendly and courteous in this way, even the least academic person gets the facts and figures from his conversing with ease, he has the knack of making business feel like a social event.

Jules is the most reliable person I know in the music industry. I would gladly employ him on a permanent basis at MOSOUND Records Ltd.

Andrew Jones – Masterplan Film Productions Ltd http://www.masterplanfilms.co.uk

I am a screenwriter/director based in Swansea, South Wales. I began my career with a low budget film called ‘Teenage Wasteland’ which won the award for Best Feature Film at the 2006 Swansea Bay Film Festival.

As a result, I then acquired six figure financing to make my second film ‘The Feral Generation’ starring Ray Panthaki (28 Days Later, Kidulthood, Eastenders) and Brooke Kinsella (Eastenders, No Child Of Mine). The film is released in UK cinemas in November 2007. I am currently developing three funded features for production, including a remake of the cult classic ‘The Driller Killer’ starring horror film icon David Hess and a project in Los Angeles entitled ‘How to Make a Movie’ starring Jason Flemyng and Rachel Miner.
My involvement with Julian came when he was with Cultural Enterprise. I had approached the company to get advice on starting my own film production company and pursuing finance for my first feature film. Julian became my mentor after an initial meeting at the company’s office. I found Julian to be a fantastic professional and also a hugely likeable and approachable person. I was finding it very difficult to get a start in my desired field and frankly, I had no idea how to. In fact, I was on the verge of quitting before I’d even started; such was my frustration at the lack of support.

But then I sent the screenplay for what would be my first film to Julian and his hugely positive response lifted me beyond words. He was so encouraging and complimentary about my creative endeavour that it really made me feel like I could achieve what had seemed impossible up to that point.
Once he had become my mentor, Julian really did go above and beyond the call of duty in helping me to get things off the ground. He actively pursued many lines of inquiry on my behalf and his dedication and genuine interest in my development was second to none.
Julian regularly sent me information about funding initiatives, seminars and courses that would help further my skills and knowledge. He also set up meetings for me with his personal business contacts, all of whom were wonderfully professional people. All avenues that Julian advised me to take proved incredibly fruitful and always enhanced my knowledge of the industry I’d chosen.

Given my hugely satisfying progress since I first met Julian, I can safely say that he is easily the biggest contributor to my development. Being that I am now a full time filmmaker and the Managing Director of my own production company, Masterplan Films, it’s clear to me that without Julian and his hard work on my behalf I would be neither.
Now that I have made a funded film and have an active production company everyone seems keen to work with me. But back when I first met Julian I had nothing going for me other than a bit of raw talent. But Julian really took me under his wing when no one else wanted to know. He helped me develop that raw talent and were it not for his enthusiasm and hard work I would not be progressing as well as I am today.
Andrew Jones ,Masterplan Film Productions Ltd

Cultural Enterprise

Cultural Enterprise is the business information, advice and mentoring agency for creative and cultural business in Wales www.cultural–enterprise.com

Julian Mallory Skinner worked for CE as a Creative Industries mentor from June 2004 to June 2006. During that time, Julian mentored over 200 businesses and individual practitioners, using his wealth of experience as a cultural operator to motivate and inspire his clients to reach their full creative and economic potential. To quote one of his former clients: Patricia Lester – International Fashion Designer: “Your energy and enthusiasm have been much appreciated as too the pro–active thinking – in business parlance – outside the box. There should be more people like you who can think laterally rather than the bog standard advisers who can often only advise and suggest within the boundaries of their own restricted experiences”.

Elin Lloyd Jones   Director | Cyfarwyddwyr   Cultural Enterprise | Menter Diwylliannol. Chapter Market Road Cardiff | Caerdydd CF5 1QE 029 2034 3205   07976 003409

Louise Gains – Artist & Designer Chepstow, www.louisegains–contemporaryart.com

I am a Designer and Artist with a number of business interests that have benefited from the help of Bob Shepherd and Tim Mulhall.  Currently I have two web based businesses in the making, one of which will provide a service for Artists and the other will open a channel for budding entrepreneurs and existing businesses to promote their business online with a device for complementary advertising links.

Prior to that I had a company trading as Running Hare Designs which was successful with national museums among its customers.
Throughout the setting up and conception of these businesses I found invaluable the help and practical guidance of Bob Shepherd, delivered in a friendly reassuring way. The practical work place experience he has been able to bring to my ideas placed my feet on the ground and gave me the confidence to proceed from an embryonic idea to a deliverable business.
My forte is to design and to come up with the ideas. How to apply them in the marketplace is a contribution I needed and valued. Tim Mulhall was introduced to me by Bob Shepherd to bring in IT management skills to one of my projects. The two of them have steered me through my latest idea to a workable and realistic project. I am happy to commend their approach to any creative business.

Gary Baker – Journalist and PR consultant Newport garybaker@walesandwest.com

I am a Journalist with a number of business interests and I have used the help of Bob Shepherd and his associates for the last year or so. Currently I have a web based Newspaper and I syndicate to a number of traditional news outlets on a regular basis. Throughout, I have found the practical guidance of Bob Shepherd to be a useful outside view and a validation of my ideas. In addition he has helped me develop my business ideas and helped me focus my efforts to achieve a realistic business.

I have also been developing a new idea for short film presentations to be used in a specific business context. I have called upon Bob to be a critical audience and offer his assistance with costing and pricing as well as practical marketing strategies.

I have found his entrepreneurial sense to be valuable in bringing the practical elements to my business and confirming the viability.

Frances Valaydon–Pillay – Corporate Art UK francespillay@yahoo.co.uk

My name is Frances Valaydon–Pillay and I have a small business called ‘Corporate Art UK’. I am also a professional Artist. I first met Julian three years ago via Cultural Enterprise. He was assigned as my Business Advisor when I was developing my business idea. My first mentoring session was very helpful as I was at the initial stages of developing my business. Julian helped me with several areas:

  • Talking through the initial business idea
  • Advising on organisations to contact
  • Planning financial forecasts
  • Advising on promotional ideas
  • Developing my business plan

As a development of this business idea I have gone on to organise a major art, music and poetry event in Cardiff, which is connected to my initial business idea. Julian has been heavily involved in the organisation and planning of this event. As he is no longer an advisor/ mentor for Cultural Enterprise I have enlisted his services on a private consultancy basis. Areas that I have consulted Julian on are:

  • Initial planning
  • Referrals to other organisations
  • Advising on Marketing and Promotion
  • Liaising with agents and organisations on my behalf
  • Funding applications
  • Naming of event – Emotional Landscapes

This help, advice and mentoring has been essential to my business development. I have been in contact with several business advisors, but I would say that Julian’s knowledge, expertise and manner far out way any other advisory help that I have received.
Yours sincerely, Frances Valaydon–Pillay

Ben Evans Moon Music, moon–music@greencheese.tv   www.greencheese.biz

Sole trader, Internet Musician, Songwriter, Program Maker, Experimental Web–Artist and Publisher
Supported by Julian Mallory–Skinner originally introduced by Cultural Enterprise.

Since the closing down of Cultural Enterprise as a mentoring organisation, Julian has continued to play the same mentoring role for me, bringing new ideas, tactics and contacts, along with the great benefit of his experiences.

In a rural studio, isolated, Julian usually arrives to find me tearing my hair out but leaves behind him an enlivened artist with restored confidence, focus and will. Julian has brought many new thoughts and contacts, introducing me to complementary artists and suggested new, creative and realistic avenues to improving the revenue stream.

His knowledge of who is where, doing what, in and around South Wales is probably unique, hence extremely valuable. Local knowledge (as well as long experience in London and elsewhere) has created business opportunities, broadened my portfolio and been a tremendous support.

My experience has shown that Julian is always thinking about his clients, he often calls, out of the blue, with finger on the pulse information, inspiration or a new contact. A great help to my business.

Sincerely Ben Evans – Moon Music



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“Bob has a knack for finding and helping young companies that need sage advice. His experience and contact network means that he can either directly advise or find some he trusts that can. As such I would recommend Bob as a great friend to start-ups.”

Phil Terrett, Chairman and Owner, The Third Stage Group